I’ve always enjoyed New Year as a time to rethink my life. In 2020 I will be focusing on three things:

  • Spending quality time with my kids
  • Blogging
  • Make some kind of money outside my day job

As MMM preaches, habits maketh the man, so rather than treating these as vague goals, I’m already planning how they will slot into my daily life.

Spending time with my kids is something I’m ashamed to add to my list, because it ought to be at the core of any parent’s lifestyle. But the truth is that good parenting is tough. It’s far easier to be a lightweight parent and prioritise “important” tasks, such as sorting the house, planning your financial future, or even blog writing over putting in the hours with your children.

Next year, I will embrace a habit of playing with my kids from after dinner until their bedtime. That means about ninety minutes of quality time each day, which is depressingly more time than I give them today.

My new interest in FI is one of the reasons I’m addressing this parenting gap. FI is all about freeing yourself from the grip of work to focus on what’s important. It will be great when I achieve that in 15-17 years, but a lot of life will pass by before then. My kids are young now and I need to embrace that while it lasts.

Item 2 on my list is blogging consistently. I’ve tried to start a few blogs in the past, but never settled on a theme. FI feels like something I’d enjoy exploring and seems to have a supportive community in the UK, so I’m going to commit to it. I plan to spend my weekend mornings writing posts, aiming for at least one post a week. This time is usually wasted in front of screens anyway, so I’ll be removing a negative and adding a positive.

Finally, my third goal is to earn at least £1 outside of my day job. At the moment, I’m interested in building a niche site and I’m investigating on YouTube. If that progresses, I’ll make a few posts about what I’m doing. The motivation is to reach FI sooner by increasing income. In a perfect world, it will replace my day job, but let’s not hope too much.

I could probably add ten more things to my list, but less is more when it comes to resolutions. And blog posts too, so I’ll stop there. Happy new year, everyone.

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