Spending Report – Jan 2020

This is an embarrassing post. I’ve never done a spending report before and I’ve realised I rarely look back at my spending at all.

Each month we set aside money to spend and pre-allocate some of it to categories. Once that’s done my main focus for the month is staying beneath a target spend threshold. On that basis, January was a success. However, it was a hideous, spendy, success. Only by writing this down can I truly see how much we fritter away.

If you are someone on a moderate or low income, please look away. Or keep looking, but find it in your heart to forgive. Apparently we’ve allowed our lifestyle to expand a little over the years.

Anyway, here’s what was spent in December 28th – January 27th, I’m quite ashamed to share it…

Eating Out£251.50Holy crap. That was more than I expected. This figure includes all food/drink purchases out of the house, including coffees etc.

We budget £80 for a nice romantic meal out per month, but this month we also celebrated a new job with a meal out. Apparently we spent £52.10 in Costa alone.
Entertainment£17.74We bought one film on Amazon Prime, paid for a Disney Life subscription and bought the kids a few iPad games.
Groceries£575.59Yikes. Another number that’s larger than I thought it would be. It’s hard to pick through this in fine detail, since most of the transactions are just “Tesco”. I guess 80% of the spending is food – we do buy clothing and non-food items there too.

This highlights how much extra spending my family does on top of our weekly online food shop. The average spend was £14, which demonstrates how often we drop into the local store (it’s walking distance). Our bigger weekly shops averaged £61.
Shopping£328.64This is a bit of a catch-all category for non-grocery shopping. The bulk of this spending was the reluctant purchase of a second-hand iPhone, when my old one died. That was £216 alone.
Transport£274.88A combination of petrol, parking and toll fees from our trip to France. Petrol accounted for about £220.
Misc.£142.70Random spending without a defined category. This month it includes hair cuts for kids, a £30 charity donation, £57 to get a reprint of a degree certificate, and other odds and sods.
Total£1,590.95In theory a victory, because our target is sub-£1,600. But I’m not feeling victorious right now.

Well… I feel thoroughly ashamed. Even though I knew how much we were spending each month, it seems ten times worse to see it written down per category.

Next month I’m going to zoom in on the grocery spending and try and understand where all the bloody money is going.

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