Starting my FI journey

One of the results of my big thinking last week was a very rough life plan. I haven’t figured out everything, but I reached two big decisions:

  1. I want to retire at 50. I’m 33 now, so that gives me some time to square away the necessary finances.
  2. Contributing something of value to the world is really important to me.

The early retirement thing isn’t a new concept for me. I’ve been reading Mr. Money Mustache for a while and getting excited by the idea, however I hadn’t committed to doing it. Not least because I’ve launched enthusiastically into one too many bright ideas in recent years (a topic for another day), so I wasn’t sure I could drag my family along with me.

Nonetheless, it’s too important to ignore. If I look at my remaining 52 years, how many of them do I want to spend in work? Decision made.

The second item has hounded me for years. I have this urge to create something of value, which my paid work doesn’t seem to scratch. So I’ve decided to combine these concepts and focus this blog on my journey towards financial independence.

I’m writing anonymously (for now), so I feel like I can share my specific spending decisions and approach to saving. I hope that proves useful to anyone else in the UK who is on a similar journey.

As you read the posts in my blog, please say hello in the comments and leave any thoughts or questions you have. My goal is to create something of value and feedback is the main way I can judge my success. I’m excited to get started!

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